Neals Yard Remedies

J’s is also a Consultant for NYR Organics. Neals Yard Remedies was established in 1981 and were one of the first to push against the synthetic chemical approach to skin and health care, result in outstanding natural and organic skin and body care. NYR also believe passionately about our environment and sourcing materials and ingredients in an ethical way. They offer the UK’s largest range in organic health and beauty products.

J’s can now bring the very best in face and skin care products to you by offering these beautiful products into your home with a Neals Yard Organic Home Party, enabling you to try products at your leisure and share my passion.

  • Made in Dorest, UK.
  • A carbon neutral company.
  • Ingredients used in producing the products are not tested on animals.
  • Many of the products are certified by the Soil Association.
  • No artificial ingredients or genetically modified ingredients.
  • Packaging can be recycled.

More information can be found here.

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